Friday, April 23, 2010

A rainy Friday in April

I sit here today full of tears as I read a fellow EB Bloggers site about the struggles of loosing a child. She waits patiently to get to Heaven to be with their child, while she lives a life with another EB son. I will keep them in my prayers.

Everyday I struggle with EB and worry and worry and worry and worry. I pray daily to God to help Carson and give me wisdom, and to give us a miracle. But for some reason, I feel this tug on my heart that says, "It is more than you'll ever know-let Me lead." Well, somedays (most days...who am i kidding) I feel like I need something else to fix Carson, something more, a cure!!!! The stresses of EB is unbelievable! Today I just feel helpless. We are scheduling test, for the month of May and the stress build up is already here.....blah. I know go pray about it, I'm on my way right now...hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.